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Stroke Risk Factors That Are Controllable

stroke-risk-factors-that-are-controllableStroke is one of the most dreaded health conditions that anybody can have at any point in life. However, our tendency to experience stroke rises if we have particular risk factors, as warned by healthcare professionals such as those providing home care. There are risk factors for stroke that can be altered or managed, and there are factors that can’t be. Read on to learn some of the stroke risk factors that are treatable, changeable, or medically manageable.

  • Hypertension

    If our blood pressure reaches 140/90 or higher, it can damage our blood vessels (arteries) that provide blood to our brain. We should do our best to avoid high blood pressure. Among the ways we can prevent this medical condition is to eat a healthy diet, especially consuming foods that lower blood pressure, exercise, have ample rest, etc., as recommended by healthcare professionals like the caregivers in Canoga Park, California.

  • Cardiovascular disease

    Cardiovascular disease is considered the second most significant risk factor for stroke, as well as the main cause of mortality among stroke survivors, as informed by healthcare experts, including those who provide respite care. Heart disease, as well as stroke, share several risk factors.

  • High blood cholesterol

    High cholesterol levels play a part in the thickening or hardening of the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, which is the result of plaque buildup. Plaque is formed when cholesterol, fatty substances, as well as calcium is deposited inside the artery walls. This lessens the amount of blood that reaches the brain. A stroke happens when the supply of blood to our brain is cut off.

  • Diabetes

    The risk of individuals who have diabetes having a stroke is higher compared to those without diabetes. For type 2 diabetes, we should do our best to avoid this kind of disease by following healthy practices like keeping a healthy weight, having a healthy and balanced diet, and being physically active.

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