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In-Home Services in Canoga Park, California

“Thanks so much for the wonderful care that Mary and Edith provided mom during her last year with us. Their care enabled our family to carry on and not worry what was being done on mom’s behalf. They were wonderful, compassionate and caring during these last few months, words cannot express my gratitude enough for what your agency provides. You are definitely God’s guardian angels. Best to you all. Helen’s service will be April 14 in Camarillo at which time we will be able to state what an honor it was to be a part of her family.” Sincerely, Laurie Liles

“My husband David and I were very happy having Rod here to help us with David’s recovery form stroke. Rod is a kind and caring person. He is also very helpful with household chores. I’m sure anyone he works for will be happy to have him.” Sincerely, Marianne Pappaneies

“Ms. Gloria is a caregiver from Hand Homecare and it is a pleasure to recommend her for her meticulous and exceptional execution as a caregiver. She consistently surpasses her job description and took very good care of me. She is a wonderful person.” Sincerely, Estelle Wesburg

“Sarah was my mother’s primary caregiver during her final illness. Sarah was a wonderful caregiver whom I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone in need of these type of services. In late June of this year, my mother was about to be discharged from the hospital following a hip fracture and subsequent surgery. I interviewed Sarah to be my mother’s five-day-a-week, live-in caregiver. I made a terrific choice. Sarah began to forge a strong relationship with my mother even before she was discharged. That is remarkable because my mother was not always easy to get along with. She particularly did not like having to face her own physical and mental weaknesses. Sarah did a lot to help my mother understand what she needs to do to regain her strength, and worked hard with her on the necessary exercises. It was only because of my mother’s deteriorating mental condition that she was unable to make herself do the things her physical and occupational therapists asked of her. My mother began to suffer breathing problems and other difficulties in the later part of July and Sarah realised that she needed to call 911. It’s a good thing she did this. My mother developed at least two serious infections including pneumonia and her blood pressure often drop to dangerously low levels. She needed close monitoring, and Sarah spend every day in the hospital (except for weekends) with my mother ensuring that she was getting all the care she needed. When my mother passed away on August 1, Sarah was truly devastated. I home that providing you with the details of Sarah’s work with my mother gives you a good picture of the care, skill, intelligence and compassion that Sarah demonstrated. She is a wonderful caregiver, and I know she will do as fine a job with other patients as she did for my mother.” Sincerely, David P. Leonard

“Tess was employed as a home health care aide for my mother, Carmela Collins, for one and half years. During this time. Tess proved to be loyal, caring and dedicated. She was a valuable asset during the time she cared for my mother. Since my mother’s first language was Italian, communication was sometimes difficult. But she and Tess communicated in their own way. Tess was there for us and we felt confident knowing she was there not only for my mother’s physical requirements but also for the emotional support she gave. She became a trusted member of our family and we will always we grateful for her compassion and commitment. I would highly recommend Tess employment as a home health care aide. She is all you could want in a caregiver.” Sincerely, Anna Chaparro

“I thank you for your kind caregivers especially Cyrus. He was the best gentleman form your agency and I highly recommend him. We appreciate his kind and caring attitude. We wish him well and hope he will be able to find another position quickly. Elmor also did a good job for Jack and I am sure for the right family he will also do well.” Thank you for your services, Evelyn Glassford

“Erlinda was the caregiver for my mother from early April until today. She lived with here and took care of all her needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She helped her get ready in the mornings, took her down for breakfast, took here outside to sit in the sun, took her back to rest. She did the same for lunch and dinners. She helped get her ready for bed in the evenings. When my mom needed help in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, Erlinda helped her. She was also someone to talk to. She helped with her medication, laundry and bathing. When my mom had her doctor appointments, Erlinda came with us to help. If you have any questions please feel free to call me at.” Michael Falkowitz

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