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Hospice Care Does Not Mean Death Sentence


It’s a common misconception that hospice care is only appropriate for terminally ill patients who are expected to pass away within the next few weeks. On the contrary, that is not always the case.

In reality, hospice care is intended to help those whose illnesses or conditions cannot be cured live as comfortably as possible until the end of their lives.

Hospice care is distinct from “regular” medical care in that its primary goal is not the “cure” of the patient. Although hospice care addresses all of a patient’s symptoms, it focuses especially on alleviating pain and other physical discomforts.

Hospice also helps out families because they would have access to medical professionals as the elderly patient is provided home care 24 hours every day along with support on other personal care tasks.

More importantly, it is essential to be aware that hospice patients do not pass away at a quicker rate than other patients.
In fact, in our many years of providing hospice care in California, we have observed that some patients were able to live longer because their quality of life has improved.

Find out if hospice care would be beneficial for your elderly loved one by talking to their doctor. If it is, and you need caregivers in Canoga Park, California, Hand Homecare Provider, Inc. will be glad to assist you.

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