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Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery in Canoga Park, California

Patients coming from orthopedic surgery require proper professional care to help them quickly and fully recover from their operation. For one, they need to take medications to ensure that there is no formation of blood clot in the area where the surgery has been done. Also, for patients who decide to recover and receive further treatment at home, proper transition care and monitoring are needed to ensure that the recovery progress is right on track and that the patients are provided with the right support they need at home.

Our care providers can help patients who have just gone through orthopedic surgery via:

  • providing personal assistance in hygiene and grooming
  • assisting in activities of daily living
  • doing house chores like cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry
  • ensuring safety at all times
  • assistance in medication adherence and wound care.

Our caregivers can guarantee the most professionalized home care services that you need to speed up your recovery. For more details, you may call us at 818-914-4990 or 818-914-4577 anytime during office hours.

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old woman using walking aid